Antique Pearl Necklaces

£ 8,500

Edwardian Seed Pearl and Diamond Choker
6.57CT in Platinum

£ 36,500

Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Collar
2.64CT in Silver and Yellow Gold

£ 21,500

Natural Pearl Necklace
17.73CT in Platinum

£ 27,000

Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace
4.75CT in White Gold

£ 12,500

Belle Époque Natural Pearl Necklace
0.78CT in Platium

£ 7,425

Victorian Natural Pearl Necklace
in Platinum and Yellow Gold

£ 6,535

Edwardian Saltwater Pearl Necklet
in Platinum

£ 16,040

Art Deco Saltwater Pearl Necklet
in White Gold

£ 11,285

Belle Époque Saltwater Pearl Necklet
in Yellow Gold

£ 18,900

Victorian Saltwater Pearl Three Row Necklet
in White Gold

£ 22,680

Aquamarine and Pearl Choker
4.31CT in Yellow Gold

£ 4,565

Contemporary Natural Pearl and Diamond Sautoir
6.73ct in Platinum