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Finding the perfect engagement ring is a wonderful journey of discovery. From spectacular gemstones to bespoke designs, we have the perfect fit for you.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is a wonderful journey of discovery. From spectacular gemstones to bespoke designs, we have the perfect fit for you.

We have an extraordinary variety of engagement rings featuring exquisite diamonds to more unusual and striking coloured gemstones. Each of our hand-finished pieces is an enduring symbol of love, crafted to last a lifetime.

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Wedding Jewellery

Our curated collection of modern wedding jewellery is designed to make your special day even more memorable. Featuring some of the most exquisite symbols of love, our selection includes wedding necklaces, bracelets, and bridal jewellery sets.

Heart Cut Diamond Stud Earrings   3.02ct in 18ct White Gold

Heart Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

3.02ct in 18ct White Gold
Masterpiece 13.76ct Heartshape Diamond Line Bracelet   in Platinum

Masterpiece 13.76ct Heartshape Diamond Line Bracelet

in Platinum

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Diamond engagement ring


Apple Blossom

A Cut Above The Rest

We have the very best in rare jewels and craftsmanship. One off engagement rings that are as unique as the one you love

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We have the very best in rare jewels and craftsmanship. One off engagement rings that are as unique as the one you love

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Diamond engagement ring

Wedding Rings

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Vintage Rings

Explore a variety of exquisite vintage engagement rings from some of the most romantic eras in history.

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Explore a variety of exquisite vintage engagement rings from some of the most romantic eras in history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Should you want to find out more please feel free to contact us and begin your Pragnell experience.

The tradition of springing an engagement ring upon a partner still has plenty of fans out there, but for many couples, the decision to commit to married life is one which is very much jointly made.

As such, it’s common for couples to plan every aspect of their engagement together, including shopping for engagement rings, and there’s nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

There are plenty of advantages to shopping together for an engagement ring. It alleviates a lot of the pressure of finding the perfect item of jewellery alone, and it ensures that the recipient is every bit as delighted as they deserve to be with their ring.

Of course, if you believe that you can pick out the perfect ring and surprise your partner with its grand reveal, then don’t let anything stand in your way.
This really comes down to the nature of your relationship.

Some people like to have a hand in the choice of their engagement ring – after all, they’re going to be wearing it for a long time, and they want to be assured that it’s the perfect style and fit for them.

Other people love the romance of the traditional proposal and the thrill of seeing that beautiful engagement ring being revealed for the very first time.
It’s been quite a long time since engagement rings were thought of solely as a female accessory, and more and more men worldwide are proudly wearing engagement rings as an enduring symbol of their commitment.
There’s no rule regarding what to do with your engagement ring once you’ve tied the knot.

Many people transfer their engagement ring onto the ring finger of the opposite hand for the duration of the wedding ceremony. Then, after the ceremony, they slip the engagement ring back on the ring finger.
Yes. More couples are sharing the experience of shopping for engagement rings, not only to ensure they find the perfect engagement ring style and fit but also as a way of taking that step towards their future side by side.

Looking at engagement rings together isn’t for everyone, but the engagement ring tradition of it always being a surprise is starting to become less common.
Years ago, the notion of a woman proposing to a man was simply unheard of unless it was on the 29th of February which only occurs every four years. In our age of increasing gender equality, the male dominance over the realm of engagement and proposals is nowhere near as inflexible as it once was.

It’s becoming more and more commonplace for women to propose to men, and this is one trend we don’t expect to reverse any time soon.
Diamond engagement rings are generally the gemstone of choice when it comes to engagement rings.

However, there’s no rule that dictates you must choose a diamond. In fact, gemstones come in a wide array of colours, qualities, and styles and provide a wonderful alternative to diamonds if you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd.

Whether you have a particular affinity with a birthstone, or dream of a gemstone engagement ring which displays a certain colour, there are many great choices other than diamonds out there such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

At Pragnell we offer a wide range of diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald engagement rings.
Your choice of precious metal for your ring’s setting – which could include yellow, white, or rose gold, or platinum – will influence the price of your engagement ring, as well as other aspects of the ring which are crucial to keep in mind.

Platinum is the most popular choice of all precious metals, celebrated for its incredible strength and durability. Especially popular for engagement rings and wedding bands, platinum holds diamonds and other gemstones more securely than any other metal, which allows for a lifetime of wear and enjoyment. This beautiful precious metal has a cool white tone, making it the perfect partner for diamonds or coloured stones alike. Needing little care, over many years platinum can take on a satin sheen or ‘patina’ which can easily be re-polished to a higher shine if preferred.

White gold has a similar lustre and is more affordable than platinum. It can be slightly less durable but still perfectly suitable for everyday wear. White gold is created by mixing yellow gold with alloys which are then silver rhodium plated to give a bright white finish. Although it is durable the colour can wear over time, depending on use and may require silver rhodium plating occasionally.

Yellow gold is undoubtedly striking and beautiful and a very popular choice. Again, it is slightly less durable than platinum but still perfectly suited to everyday wear. At Pragnell, our team of specialists can advise on the perfect ring for your lifestyle.

It’s worth researching or asking us to take you through the various pros and cons of each precious metal, as well as keeping in mind your partner’s style and preferences when choosing your ring.

At Pragnell we offer an extensive range of engagement rings platinum, yellow gold and rose gold.
If you’re planning on surprising your partner with an engagement ring, it might be a little tricky to ascertain their ring size.

Some people ‘borrow’ a favourite ring of theirs and ask a jeweller to identify the size, others will speak to friends and family members to get those all-important details.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the correct size. After you have presented the ring our team of master craftspeople will resize the ring for the perfect fit.

View our Ring Size Guide for help with finding the perfect ring size.
If your partner has their heart set on a traditional-style ring, then the answer to this question is most probably ‘yes’ – that is, if you want them to fall in love with the ring at first sight.

Should your partner prefer more contemporary styles, however, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from opting for something a little more unusual or modern.

Browse our extensive range of Engagement Rings for inspiration.
With such an amazing array of gemstones, settings, precious metals, cuts, and colours out there, it’s never been easier to match an engagement ring with a partner’s personal sense of style. It’s important to pay close attention to just what it is that makes his or her style unique. Ask yourself:

• Are they traditional, or do they like to embrace contemporary or edgy fashion?

• Are they interested in vintage looks, or do they tend to opt for sleeker, more modern styles?

• Do audacious and glamorous statement pieces appeal to them, or are they more likely to be swept away by something understated and intimate?

All of these questions will help you narrow down the options until you find the engagement ring that’s perfect for them. Alternatively, you could simply ask them about the kind of ring they’ve always dreamed of having.

Browse our extensive range of Engagement Rings for inspiration.
The Four Cs refer to the different qualities of a diamond. They are used by jewellers and customers alike to find the diamond which best suits their budget, their style, and their overall wishes and expectations.

The Four Cs are:

• Cut: this refers to the shaping and cutting of the diamond, a process which aims to maximise the gemstone’s beauty, sparkle, and ability to refract and redirect light. View our guide to diamond cut for more details.

• Clarity: simply how clear the diamond is, and whether it features any inclusions – marks or imperfections which alter the stone’s clarity and affect its price. View our guide to diamond clarity for more details.

• Carat: the weight of the diamond (which has an impact on its size). View our guide to diamond carat for more details.

• Colour: how clear, colourless, or ‘white’ the diamond is. Diamonds with dull, yellowish, or brownish hues are far from uncommon, but will not value anywhere near as highly as a perfectly white stone. View our guide to diamond colour for more details.
Almost all engagement rings can be resized by Pragnell. However, rings such as eternity bands, which typically feature a row of precious gemstones all along the band, usually cannot be resized more than one size each way depending on the ring.

Pragnell offers free ring resizing on all rings bought in one of our showrooms or on our website. For more information on resizing rings purchased elsewhere, see our resizing price guide for details.
While all of the precious metals used for engagement rings are prized for their quality, over time, engagement rings will gradually lose that initial brilliance. However, with regular gentle cleaning and care, it is possible to maintain the original lustre and ensure that the ring retains its beauty.

When you purchase an engagement ring at Pragnell one of our specialists will advise you on how to clean your ring at home. You are also welcome to pop in whenever you are passing and we will clean the ring for you.
The most popular diamond shape and style today is the round brilliant cut. This classic style is synonymous with tradition and beauty, accounting for almost three-quarters of all engagement rings sold.

At Pragnell we offer a wide range of Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings.
It’s easier to notice differences in carat sizes on smaller diamonds. For example, most people will be able to identify the subtle difference between a 0.40 carat diamond and a 0.50 carat one.

The larger the gemstone, the more difficult it can be to tell – the naked eye will struggle to be able to see the difference between a 0.90 and a 1 carat diamond, for example.
While there is a huge amount of versatility when it comes to how precious metals suit various skin tones, most experts would argue that certain colours of metal work more harmoniously with certain hues in the skin. For example:

Yellow gold tends to look most striking and glorious when worn by people with warm-toned skin

White gold and platinum will enhance the appearance of cool and rosy-coloured skin tones.

Rose gold, with its decadent and vintage-tinged hue, is recommended for those in between the two, for those whose skin tone varies with the seasons and for people with olive skin.
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