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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

George Pragnell Limited

13th July 2023

In terms of what Corporate Social Responsibility means to George Pragnell Limited, this is how we impact and engage with employees, the community, suppliers, and the environment. George Pragnell Limited undertakes significant activities in these areas.

We value our Employees

George Pragnell Limited is an inclusive organisation committed to fairness, equality of opportunity and diversity in all its employment practices, policies, and procedures. We strive to provide a dynamic and open workplace where the rights, needs and unique contributions of every member of our diverse teams are respected and valued. In return, we expect our colleagues to contribute to our company culture by embodying our common values and provide our customers with a best-in-class experience. We are committed to ensuring we have a healthy and educated workforce whose views are listened to and respected. We nurture ambition and ensure that all employees can develop relevant skills and knowledge to enrich their contribution and carve their own career path.

We value our Community

We are committed to building where possible relationships with the wider community including national and local concerns. At George Pragnell Limited we encourage charitable giving and for our staff to engage in this process.

We value our Suppliers

We are committed to ensure that all our suppliers have good business ethics, and they meet and exceed the standards required. We aim to develop relationships built on shared trust and communal responsibility. In addition, we are proud to be an active UK member of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2022. Further details of the RJC can be found on the Responsible Jewellery Council website.

Through our Supply Chain Policy, we require all suppliers to adhere to Human Rights principles, including:

• Ensuring employment is freely chosen
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
• Working conditions are safe and hygienic
• Child labour is never used
• Living wages are paid
• Working hours are not excessive
• No discrimination is practised
• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

We value our Environment

We strive to conduct our business in a responsible, sustainable manner to protect the environment. We have committed to ensure that we reduce our environmental impact and continue to improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

Charlie Pragnell

Managing Director

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