A tribute to sensual simplicity. Smooth 18ct minimalist cylindrical gold tubes curve organically from rings, pendants, earrings and bangles.

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The idea came to Charlie Pragnell in the middle of the night, seeking a way to simplify our Pyramid ring, which he originally designed as a gift for his wife in 2018. To make a jewellery design more complex is straightforward but to simplify, whilst retaining originality, is challenging.

When the solution unexpectedly dawned upon him, Charlie immediately sketched it. The idea was to reduce the stack of smooth gold tubes that form the unique shape of the Pyramid ring to a minimalist single cylindrical band. This single tube, that would become the foundation of the collection, formed the Eclipse Spring Ring. ​

The intricate diamond setting is key to the design, the stones are set precisely at a specific angle within the tubes of gold to
unleash sparks of scintillation whenever movement exposes the diamond to the light. ​

The perfect symmetry and flawless silhouettes of the metalwork in Eclipse require a high level of skill to execute. There is no trace
of a beginning or an end to each piece, but instead a continuous flow of gold. This is the result of exacting craftsmanship delivered in Pragnell’s British workshops.


Encapsulating the fleeting beauty of an eclipse, and designed with stacking and layering in mind, the new Eclipse collection lends itself well to a range of elegant designs as the smooth 18ct gold tubes curve organically across necklines and wrists, or wind effortlessly around fingers and earlobes.

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