Art Nouveau Jewellery

1890 - 1915 (Art Nouveau)
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1890 - 1915 (Art Nouveau)
£ 6,320

Art Nouveau Opal Ring
in Silver and Yellow Gold

About Art Nouveau Jewellery

The Art Nouveau period lasted from the late 1880s until 1914, and is characterised by naturalistic flowing lines, asymmetry and movement. Spanning the decorative arts and architecture, jewellery was particularly suited to this style. As the name states, Art Nouveau attracted attention as something completely different and new when compared to the traditional heavier styles that dominated the first quarter of the 19th-century.

As a sixth generation family jeweller, Pragnell are proud to continue our tradition of offering a carefully curated selection of interesting and unusual pieces of antique Art Nouveau jewellery, comprising brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets from this exciting period.

Our interesting collection of Art Nouveau jewels features pendants, rings and brooches gleaming in gold, diamonds, pearls and intricate enamel work. We are particularly proud to display pieces by the famed French maker, Gaston Lafitte, which showcase exceptional design and craftsmanship.

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