Edwardian Jewellery 1901 - 1910

This era was named after Edward VII. It was during this time that platinum began to appear in jewellery. Due to its weight and strength, platinum was used to create light and airy pieces that were intricately detailed.
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This era was named after Edward VII. It was during this time that platinum began to appear in jewellery. Due to its weight and strength, platinum was used to create light and airy pieces that were intricately detailed.


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Edwardian Burmese Pink Sapphire Halo Ring

4.28ct in Platinum

£ 62,000

Three Stone Diamond Ring

2.70ct in White Gold

£ 14,500

Edwardian Rattlesnake Ring

Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby

£ 18,700

Edwardian Ruby Cluster Ring

1.50ct in Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 29,500

Edwardian Old Pear Cut Diamond Ring

5.54ct D/IF/Type IIA in Platinum


Three Stone Diamond & Ruby Ring

0.45ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,950

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Target Ring

3.00ct in Platinum & Rose Gold

£ 16,000

Edwardian Burmese Ruby Ring

1.87cts in Platinum

£ 58,000

Edwardian Ruby & Diamond Lozenge Shaped Ring

in 18ct Yellow & White Gold

£ 1,350

Edwardian Emerald & Diamond Dress Ring

0.52ct in 14ct White Gold

£ 3,250

Edwardian Diamond Set Cross Pendant

3.00cts in Platinum

£ 10,750

Retro Natural Pearl & Diamond Pierced Scroll Ear clips

in 18ct White Gold

£ 2,750

Edwardian Trombone Link Double Albert Chain

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 8,400

Edwardian Hearts & Diamonds Long Chain Necklace

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 8,750

Edwardian Diamond Earrings

3.38ct in White Gold

£ 24,150

Edwardian Diamond and Pearl Butterfly Brooch

in White Gold

£ 12,750

Art Deco Linzeler er Marchak diamond Bracelet

£ 47,500

Edwardian Natural Pearl Earrings

6mm in White & Rose Gold

£ 10,370

Edwardian Diamond Pendant

3.25ct in White Gold

£ 18,900

Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Collar

2.64ct in Silver and Yellow Gold

£ 36,500

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Ring

7.00ct in Platinum

£ 86,000

Edwardian Natural Pearl and Diamond Pendant

in platinum

£ 13,500

Edwardian Saltwater Pearl Necklet

in Platinum

£ 6,535

Edwardian Jade Bead Necklace

1.00ct in Platinum

£ 48,000

Edwardian French Sapphire Coin Bangle

0.72ct in Yellow Gold

£ 6,100

Edwardian Black Frost Diamond Brooch

with White and Black Enamel Design

£ 48,000

Edwardian Diamond Pheasant Pin

0.35ct in Platinum & Yellow Gold

£ 1,450

Edwardian Diamond Pheasant Brooch

2.00ctin White Gold

£ 4,565

Edwardian Jadeite & Diamond Brooch

in Platinum and White Gold

£ 7,020

Edwardian Diamond Jockey Brooch

0.34ct in Silver

£ 2,645

Edwardian Diamond Dragon Pin

0.50ct in Yellow Gold

£ 3,455

Edwardian Lacloche Diamond Pin

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 4,590

Edwardian Natural Pearl Pin

in Yellow Gold

£ 1,675

Edwardian Baroque Pearl Rabbit Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 18,500

Edwardian Pearl & Diamond Ostrich Brooch

0.28ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,290

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About Edwardian Jewellery

After decades of almost perpetual mourning, following the death of Prince Albert in 1861, the Edwardian era (1901-1910) began with the accession of King Edward VII. Married to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the immensely popular King and Queen dazzled society with the latest fashions and extravagant jewellery.

As a sixth generation family jeweller, Pragnell are proud to continue our tradition of offering a carefully curated selection of interesting and unusual pieces of Edwardian jewellery from this exciting period.

Edwardian jewellery is characterised by elaborate platinum, diamond and gemstone creations that showcased wealth and status. Pearls, vibrant green jade, intoxicating opals and ember red rubies all played their part in the breathtaking creations from this decade of opulence. Choker necklaces were particularly fashionable, as Queen Alexandra regularly wore them to cover a small scar on her neck.

Pragnell offer an ever-changing selection of hand-selected pieces of fine antique Edwardian jewellery, including pendant necklaces and opal, diamond and ruby Edwardian rings, which display superb quality and design. These pieces are as wearable today as they were at the beginning of the last century.