The Patek Philippe Seal

The Patek Philippe Seal embodies the principles and passion of our watch family.

Moving forward with the times to create complicated watches, and by celebrating and restoring classic timepieces, the Patek Philippe Seal is a mark of expertise as well as quality. The Patek Philippe Seal is a symbol of trust and integrity; we are dedicated to our clients and continue our work to create timeless pieces for now and forever.

The Watch

The making of a Patek Philippe timepiece is a remarkable journey. With passion and proficiency, the watchmaker takes great care crafting the tiny interior mechanisms and the impressive eye-catching exterior. Detail is paramount: to achieve the Patek Philippe Seal, every single part of the watch must comply in terms of quality, function and beauty. Patek Philippe timepieces are cherished for their hand-crafted finishing and impeccable timing, and this all takes place in the making of the watch.

The Exterior

Beauty on the outside must reflect the mastery of the watch’s interior. Each watch is designed with the finest materials, from precious gems, to pure metals. Hand-crafted to perfection using ancient arts, each watch endures a special, rare treatment and is then inspected to ensure it meets the Seal. Patek Philippe cherish the various aspects of the watchmaking craft, resulting in a timepiece that is technically perfect and visually stunning.

The Movement

The Patek Philippe Seal sets forth a stringent standard for accuracy in timekeeping, allowing for a maximum deviation of -3/+2 seconds per day. This certification places great emphasis on the meticulous craftsmanship of movement components, in line with the esteemed traditions of Geneva. Furthermore, it guarantees the excellence of the materials employed, the flawless nature of the gemstones, and the exceptional skill of the gemsetters involved.


Watch owners with the Patek Philippe Seal can enjoy a lifetime commitment of service and respect. With a global family, Patek Philippe endeavour to serve each of its clients to maintain the impeccable quality of the timepiece. This validity is infinite. Each watch remains in our hands as well as yours, preserving its heritage for past, present and future generations.

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