Antique Brooches

Our range of antique brooches plays host to the very finest examples of this art. With vintage brooches and pins from throughout the years showcasing rare jewels, iconic forms and exquisite craftsmanship.
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Our range of antique brooches plays host to the very finest examples of this art. With vintage brooches and pins from throughout the years showcasing rare jewels, iconic forms and exquisite craftsmanship.

Georgian Oval Diamond Brooch

£ 11,850

Edwardian Diamond Pheasant Pin

0.35ct in Platinum & Yellow Gold

£ 1,450

Victorian Pearl Duck Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 1,900

Art Deco Diamond Yacht Pin

in 034ct in White Gold

£ 2,900

Victorian Running Fox Diamond Brooch

0.95c in White and Yellow Goldt

£ 4,500

Edwardian Diamond Pheasant Brooch

2.00ctin White Gold

£ 4,565

Victorian Diamond Duck Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 5,900

Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Brooch

1.70ct in Platinum

£ 6,900

Edwardian Jadeite & Diamond Brooch

in Platinum and White Gold

£ 7,020

Retro Diamond Ship Brooch

4.90ct in Platinum

£ 14,500

Edwardian Diamond Jockey Brooch

0.34ct in Silver

£ 2,645

Edwardian Diamond Dragon Pin

0.50ct in Yellow Gold

£ 3,455

Art Deco Diamond Deer Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 3,670

Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch

1.85ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 3,915

Victorian Diamond Snipe Brooch

1.00ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 4,455

Edwardian Lacloche Diamond Pin

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 4,590

Edwardian Diamond and Pearl Butterfly Brooch

in White Gold

£ 12,750

Victorian Diamond Horse Shoe Brooch

1.78ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 5,535

Victorian Landscape Brooch

£ 3,500

Art Nouveau French Opal Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 31,320

Victorian Diamond & Ruby Brooch

7.50ct in Rose & White Gold

£ 12,850

Retro Sapphire Floral Brooch

7.50ct in Yellow Gold

£ 3,915

Edwardian Circle Brooch

with Sapphires & Pearls in Yellow Metal

£ 6,400

Victorian Sapphire Beetle Brooch

7.25ct in Yellow Gold

£ 11,340

Retro Cartier Emerald & Sapphire Brooch

4.38ct in Yellow Gold

£ 12,500

Edwardian Natural Pearl Pin

in Yellow Gold

£ 1,675

Belle Epoch Golfer Pin

in Yellow Gold

£ 1,945

Victorian Natural Pearl & Diamond Brooch

0.35ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 2,675

Victorian Natural Pearl and Ruby Pin

0.25ct in Yellow Gold

£ 6,600

Victorian Natural Pearl Swan Brooch

in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 11,880

Edwardian Baroque Pearl Rabbit Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 18,500

Art Nouveau Natural Pearl & Diamond Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 23,220

Victorian Mother of Pearl Brooch

in 15ct Yellow Gold

£ 65,000

Belle Epoque Moonstone Brooch

2.70ct in White Gold & Platinum

£ 2,500

Pink Topaz & Diamond Bird Brooch

10.25ct in White Gold

£ 16,500

Victorian Amethyst & Diamond Spider Brooch

6.55ct in Yellow & White Gold

£ 19,500

Retro Trombone Pin Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 1,485

Belle Époque Rock Crystal Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 2,050

Art Nouveau Opal Acer Leaf Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 3,915

Turquoise & Mother of Pearl Hummingbird Brooch

in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 4,105

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About Antique Brooches

Hugely versatile, brooches have an instant impact and can be used to adorn many different items of clothing. Bursting back onto the fashion scene over the last few years, the late fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019), often wore statement antique pieces pinned to a black silk skinny neck tie.

As a sixth generation family jeweller, Pragnell are proud to showcase a rich and diverse selection of antique brooches that offer something for every taste and budget.

Our breathtaking selection of antique and vintage brooches showcases magnificent Georgian diamond set cross pieces juxtaposed with intricately detailed Victorian depictions of flora and fauna, and exemplars of the geometric Art Deco. Carefully curated by a member of the Pragnell family, you will find simple and delicate Edwardian stick pins, as well as statement retro creations from famous names, such as Cartier.

Pragnell will help you select the perfect brooch that can be worn and enjoyed now, whilst being preserved for the next generation.