Bespoke jewellery designed by you.

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Bespoke jewellery designed by you.
Introducing the Loveletters collection. Bespoke bracelets in 18ct gold. Designed by you and handmade by us. For jewellery that's as unique as you.

How It Works

Create your complimentary design - start designing your own bespoke bracelet now with our online configurator.

Step 1


Select from either a classic 18ct yellow gold, a warm 18ct rose gold or a cool 18ct white gold. Your choice of precious metal will form the basis of your bespoke bracelet.

Step 2


Now is the time to let your creativity flourish and make your bracelet truly meaningful. Use your letters to spell out a name, a mantra or a secret message.

Step 3


Elevate your design by selecting which letters to set in diamond pavé. You could choose one or two such as your initials or have every letter in your bracelet adorned in diamonds.

Step 4


To buy your customised bracelet simply add to bag, enquire online or book an appointment with one of our showrooms. Your finished bracelet will be with you within 5-7 weeks.

From £7,150

An embodiment of memories and emotions

The Pragnell ‘LOVELETTERS’ collection is a wonderful piece of bespoke jewellery, a bracelet handcrafted in 18ct yellow or rose gold, where you can create your own unique piece, and wear your children’s’ or partner’s names, or any of your favourite mantras.

Handcrafted to the Highest Standard

Each bracelet is unique, made to order by our skilled craftsmen in our workshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Should you want to find out more please feel free to contact us and begin your Pragnell experience.

You can only use letters from the English alphabet (A-Z) and the special character ‘&’.

Other special characters and languages cannot be used.

Should you wish to include numbers in your design we recommend trying Roman numerals.

This is the first choice you get when designing your own Loveletter bracelet. Choose from either 18ct yellow gold, 18ct rose gold or 18ct white gold.

You can use between 9-20 characters.

No, the letters change size to fit the total length of the bracelet.

In the Loveletters configurator we cater for bracelet lengths between 15 - 19 cm. We do cater for sizes beyond this through our special order service. Please get in touch using the enquiry form or book an appointment to talk to one of our experts.

Please use our Loveletters size guide to determine the size of bracelet you require. The printable size guide includes a tape measure to be cut out and used at home. Loosely measure your wrist using the tape measure choosing the size according to how tight you prefer your bracelet to be.

Every bracelet is unique and made to order. The size of the letters depends on the number of letters and length of bracelet, a change in either results in a change in the size of all the letters. Letters are always a ratio of 1:1 width to height, and all letters in a bracelet are always the same size and have a depth of 2.2mm. We do not pre-make any letters, only once you have selected all the attributes of your bracelet can we send your design to the workshop.

Your finished bracelet will be with you within 5-7 weeks.

Bespoke Loveletter bracelets start from £7,150.

The price of your bracelet will change as you alter your design throughout the configurator, depending on the number of letters, number of diamond set letters and the length of bracelet. The final price of the bracelet is calculated based on your finished design.

The size of the letters is dynamic, the more letters you add the smaller the letters become, and the narrower the bracelet becomes. The letters change size to fit the total length of the bracelet. The more letters you use, the lower the price the bracelet could be.

Your bracelet will be presented in a jewellery box specially moulded to those chosen letters, making this an incredibly attractive gifting option.

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