From reviving lost arts to pushing the boundaries of new technologies, it’s the unique fusion of tradition and technology that sets our craftsmanship apart.



With six generations of experience in the jewellery industry, we have an extensive network of mines that share the same commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. In particular, we work closely with Botswana as it is a brilliant example of how natural diamond mining can do good and improve the lives of local communities.

As well as creating secure jobs in many areas, all of the diamond mines in Botswana run joint ventures with the government. This means the sale of every diamond feeds money back directly to the local economy.


Each Pragnell creation is a marriage of technology and craftsmanship. Whilst the craftsman is able to provide the level of precision for any Pragnell masterpiece, the innovative technology allows the goldsmith to break down the components in a piece and analyse how to best create each one with minimal waste. The advanced technology not only helps to design a piece, but also to create it. One of the most important machines in the Pragnell workshop is the laser machine, allowing precise soldering of precious metals. Each one of these pieces of equipment requires the expertise of a skilled goldsmith who must first master working by hand.


Gem Setting

This involves inserting each gemstone into a specially created framework. Pragnell gem setters have devised their own special techniques such as the “Falcon Claw” to help secure the stone in place. Mixed settings were a feature of the Art Deco period, therefore our jewellery inspired by that era uses a combination of channel, grain and claw settings to enhance both the gemstones and designs.


Pavé and micro pavé are methods of setting small diamonds into a piece of jewellery. The French word 'pavé' translates to 'pavement' or 'cobbled' and is related to the close proximity of the gems on the surface of the jewellery. Pavé settings create a sparkling surface of diamonds on metal with little or no space between the stones. The band of a ring set in pavé gives the illusion that the band is completely made of diamonds. The mounting of diamonds in a pavé setting requires great skill and expertise, with a lot of patience required from the craftsman. Micro pavé differs from the traditional pavé setting in a number of ways. The main difference is that micro pavé usually relies on the use of a microscope due to the intricacy of the work; the stones are also laid out in a honeycomb-like arrangement over the surface. Traditional pavé settings utilise a variation of different diamond sizes, an assortment of small melee diamonds to best fit the space. The stones most often used in the best pavé jewellery are full cut 57-facet diamonds – the multi-dimensional surface creates a dazzling effect. Pavé and micro-pavé settings are both susceptible to stone loss, irrespective of the skill and quality of the setting. Provided each diamond is accurately set within the piece by a skilled setter, the diamonds will be secure, and avoiding knocks with careful wear, the diamonds should remain within their settings. Having said this, a diamond can be lost from a pavé setting, but the cost to replace a stone should be minimal. With each retaining metal grain being susceptible to damage from the diamond itself if knocked, it is a risk for anyone wearing a pavé-encrusted piece. Cleaning the item should only require a very soft brush, some warm water, and a small amount of mild detergent.


Jewellery Polisher

This final stage of the jewellery creation process is just as important as previous stages. Several rounds of polishing are applied to each Pragnell creation to ensure that both the precious metal holding the gemstones, and the gemstones themselves, complement each other. In the first stage, a brush, sized according to the intricacy of a piece, is used to remove marks left by the goldsmith. The next procedure involves polishing with thread. It is an extremely time consuming process, but necessary to provide adequate polishing to the inside of the setting. The entire polishing process can take hours per piece and must be done both before and after the gemstones are set.

Our Services

There are many reasons why a ring resizing might be necessary. Warm weather, a surprise gift, or the inheritance of a treasured heirloom - all mean that sometimes a ring needs to be carefully cut and resized so that it fits perfectly and doesn’t become uncomfortable or, at worst, stuck.

We are experts in creating one-of-a-kind jewels, custom-made to suit each client’s style and personality. Whatever your wishes and budget, we can create a piece of jewellery as unique as the person and moment it represents; designed by you and handmade by us.

Design and create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that’s as unique as you are. The possibilities are endless, and the result will last a lifetime. A bespoke engagement ring encapsulates the wearer’s personality and style, and will be treasured for generations.

With a wealth of antique jewellery expertise, we can breathe new life into your unworn jewellery. At Pragnell, we can redesign old jewellery and turn your antique and vintage pieces into wearable jewels that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

With his 35 years’ experience, David Watt and his team also look after jewellery restoration and repairs. They have taken care of some of our clients’ most precious jewellery, carefully restoring them by hand to their original beauty

It is essential to take good care of your jewellery if you want it to look and stay at its best. We would also strongly recommend bringing your jewellery into us to have it checked at least once a year, to ensure everything is as it should be.

We offer a comprehensive professional jewellery and watch valuation service. Your jewellery will be inspected and cleaned before being digitally photographed. We will also advise you of any repairs needed to keep your jewellery in top condition.

It is a fact of life that at some point your pearl necklace will eventually break. Through wearing your pearls, the silk string is exposed to abrasion from bead holes, body oils, cosmetics and simple wear and tear.

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