Victorian Jewellery 1837 - 1890

Named after Queen Victoria, this era embraces the three distinct periods of her life (Romantic, Grand and Aesthetic), which were reflected in all aspects of society, including jewellery.
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Named after Queen Victoria, this era embraces the three distinct periods of her life (Romantic, Grand and Aesthetic), which were reflected in all aspects of society, including jewellery.

Victorian Five Stone Diamond Ring

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 1,800

Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring

1.70ct in Yellow Gold

£ 11,880

Victorian Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring

0.64ct in 18ct Yellow Gold & Silver

£ 1,600

Victorian Five Stone Oval Sapphire Ring

in Yellow Gold

£ 2,250

Victorian Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

in Yellow Gold

£ 11,000

Victorian Kashmir Sapphire Ring

2.19ct in Yellow Gold

£ 91,800

Victorian Five Stone Ruby Ring

in Yellow Gold

£ 8,200

Victorian Five Stone Ruby Ring

3.20ct Unheated Burma

£ 39,000

Victorian Seven Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring

0.86ct in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 6,250

Victorian Burmese Ruby Ring

3.30ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,500

Victorian Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

3.70ct in Yellow Gold

£ 14,850

Retro Diamond Dress Ring

£ 3,200

Victorian Natural Pearl Ring

in Yellow Gold

£ 6,805

Victorian Natural Pearl & Diamond Earrings

6mm in Rose Gold

£ 7,300

Victorian Diamond Locket

1.31ct in 9ct Yellow Gold

£ 7,250

Victorian Diamond Flower Pendant

6.95ct in Silver and Yellow Gold

£ 21,980

Victorian Renaissance Revival Ruby & Emerald Dress Ring

£ 16,000

Carlo & Arthur Giuliano Emerald, and Diamond Enamel Pendant

in Yellow Gold

£ 24,500

Victorian Emerald Mermaid Pendant

in Yellow Gold

£ 95,000

Victorian Natural Pearl Necklace

in Platinum and Yellow Gold

£ 7,425

Victorian Saltwater Pearl Three Row Necklet

in White Gold

£ 18,900

Victorian Amethyst Cross Pendant

23.60ct in 14ct Yellow Gold.

£ 3,500

Victorian Muff Chain Necklace

in Yellow Gold

£ 4,160

Victorian Long Guard Chain Necklace

in Yellow Gold

£ 7,720

Victorian Fank Link Book Chain Necklace

47cm in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 8,400

Victorian Burmese Ruby & Diamond Bangle

4.45ct in 15ct Yellow Gold & Silver

£ 32,000

Contemporary Pink Sapphire Signet Style Ring

in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 41,000

Diamond and Ruby five stone Ring

in Yellow Gold

£ 3,750

Victorian Mosaic Roman Revival Bracelet

in Yellow Gold

£ 5,240

Victorian Roman Revival Enamel Bangle

in Yellow Gold

£ 10,530

Victorian Pearl Duck Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 1,900

Victorian Running Fox Diamond Brooch

0.95c in White and Yellow Goldt

£ 4,500

Victorian Diamond Duck Brooch

in Yellow & White Gold

£ 5,900

Victorian Diamond Crescent Moon Brooch

1.85ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 3,915

Victorian Diamond Snipe Brooch

1.00ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 4,455

Edwardian Burmese Ruby Ring

2.49cts in Platinum

£ 97,000

Victorian Diamond Horse Shoe Brooch

1.78ct in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 5,535

Art Nouveau French Opal Brooch

in Yellow Gold

£ 31,320

Victorian Diamond & Ruby Brooch

7.50ct in Rose & White Gold

£ 12,850

Victorian Sapphire Beetle Brooch

7.25ct in Yellow Gold

£ 11,340

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About Victorian Jewellery

The Victorian period (1837-1901) is named after Queen Victoria, whose life and reign it encompassed. Pieces produced during this period reflect both the romance and sorrow felt by the Queen after her beloved Albert died, along with a focus onto the natural world and the Empire at large.

As a sixth generation family jeweller, Pragnell are proud to continue our tradition of offering a carefully curated selection of interesting and unusual pieces from this exciting period.

The Victorians were true jewellery connoisseurs, with the fashionable ladies of society wearing a wide range of jewellery pieces for different outfits and occasions. Our superb collection of antique Victorian jewellery comprises rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces and pendants. We offer everything from delicate five stone rings to collectible signed creations by Gaston Lafitte and Carlo & Arthur Giuliano. We are particularly proud to offer an extensive selection of antique Victorian brooches, which are an incredibly versatile jewel that brings style and sparkle to the everyday.