Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings
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Ruby Engagement Rings
£ 2,450

Victorian Ruby Ring
2.00CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,950

Three Stone Diamond & Ruby Ring
0.45CT in Yellow Gold

£ 12,100

Art Deco Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond and Platinum

£ 12,500

Cushion Cut Ruby and Brilliant Diamond
2.15ct in Yellow Gold

£ 21,000

Art Deco Diamond Plaque Ring
1.70CT in Platinum

£ 1,200

Edwardian Ruby Ring
0.78CT in Yellow Gold

£ 3,050

Round Brilliant Cut Ruby Ring
0.37CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 8,250

Oval Cut Ruby Ring
1.26CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 8,400

Belle Époque Burmese Ruby Ring
1.11CT in Yellow Gold

£ 3,145

Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring
0.50CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 13,500

East African Oval Cut Ruby Ring
2.05CT in Platinum

£ 5,200

Antrobus Ruby Ring
1.29CT in Platinum

£ 15,500

Brilliant Cut Ruby Ring
1.68CT in Yellow Gold

£ 10,640

Art Deco Ruby Ring
2.60CT in Platinum

£ 15,660

Edwardian Burmese Ruby Ring
1.13CT in Platinum

£ 12,420

Contemporary Ruby Ring
1.21CT in Platinum

About Ruby Engagement Rings

Celebrate your love and devotion with a ruby engagement ring. Favoured in the early Victorian period, ruby engagement rings are incredibly decorative and feminine to reflect a time of marital bliss between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. For those looking to introduce colour to their engagement ring, a ruby's warmth and richness is as mesmerising as it is beautiful. Popular styles include vintage cluster and trilogy designs as rubies are often paired with diamonds to draw out the gemstones depth of colour.

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