The 4 Cs: Diamond Clarity

What is diamond clarity? Every diamond is unique, and carries its own set of internal ‘birthmarks’ as a result of the chemical processes involved in its creation. These are known as inclusions. Imperfections on the outside of a diamond created during the cutting and polishing process are known as blemishes.

Diamond Clarity Chart

The Diamond Clarity Chart

The GIA grades a diamond’s clarity on a scale that ranges from Flawless (no internal inclusions or external blemishes) to Included (obvious inclusions, visible to the naked eye). Diamonds with fewer imperfections are rarer and therefore more valuable.

Pragnell’s engagement rings only feature diamonds with a clarity rating of SI2 (slightly included) or higher, meaning their inclusions are visible under 10x magnification, but our gemstone buyers ensure they are not visible to the naked eye.

Large diamond

Does Clarity Affect the Diamond’s Sparkle?

Some inclusions will affect the brightness of a diamond, others will affect the visual appearance. At Pragnell, we avoid any diamonds with these types of inclusions. The location of the inclusion will also impact the diamond’s appearance. If an inclusion is in the centre of a diamond or close to the surface, it will be more noticeable, whereas if it lies closer to a side edge of the stone, it may be able to be concealed by the jewellery setting, having less or no impact on the diamond's sparkle.

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