Antique Diamond Rings

Rare, unique, and special antique diamond rings are a speciality at Pragnell with a superb selection from the Georgian to the Retro periods available to view.
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Rare, unique, and special antique diamond rings are a speciality at Pragnell with a superb selection from the Georgian to the Retro periods available to view.
£ 1,300

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Delicate Plaque Ring

£ 1,950

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Plaque Ring
in Platinum

£ 2,900

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Rectangular Octagonal Plaque Ring
in 18ct White Gold

£ 3,200

Art Deco Inspired Ruby & Diamond Figure of Eight Dress Ring
in 18ct White Gold

£ 3,950

Art Deco Diamond Bombé Ring
0.51CT in Platinum

£ 4,560

Art Deco Inspired Diamond Openwork Octangonal Dress Ring
in Platinum

£ 4,560

Art Deco Inspired Sapphire & Diamond Geomtric Plaque Ring
in 18ct White Gold

£ 5,720

Art Deco Three Stone Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond & Platinum

£ 5,830

Marquise Diamond Ring
1.50CT in Platinum

£ 5,900

Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Dress Ring
0.18ct in White Gold

£ 7,500

Diamond Ring
0.13CT in White Gold

£ 7,900

Art Deco Diamond Rectangular Plaque Ring

£ 9,250

Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Cluster Ring
1.26ct in Platinum

£ 10,285

Art Deco Diamond Target Ring
1.08CT in Platinum

£ 11,250

Retro Diamond Bombé Ring
5.66CT in Platinum

£ 12,960

Diamond & Onyx Ring
1.01CT in Platinum

£ 13,000

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Plaque Ring
2.68CT in Platinum

£ 14,500

Three Stone Diamond Ring
2.70CT in White Gold

£ 14,905

Art Deco Diamond Plaque Ring
1.70CT in Platinum

£ 18,700

Edwardian Rattlesnake Ring
Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby

£ 19,750

Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring
1.45CT in Platinum

£ 24,000

Art Deco Diamond & Emerald Ring
1.01CT in Platinum

£ 31,050

Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring
3.65CT in Platinum

£ 88,000

Art Deco Boivin Cocktail Ring
Platinum, Diamond and Onyx


Edwardian Old Pear Cut Diamond Ring
5.54ct D/IF/Type IIA in Platinum

£ 8,100

Georgian Agate Cameo Ring
1.03CT in Silver and Yellow Gold

£ 1,350

Victorian Five Stone Diamond Ring
0.40ct in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 2,590

Retro Diamond Bombé Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 3,250

Van Cleef & Arpels Coral and Diamond Philippine Ring
in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 4,800

Retro Diamond Cocktail Ring
1.29CT in Yellow Gold

£ 5,650

Art Deco Style Diamond and Ruby Ring
0.70ct in 18ct Yellow and White Gold

£ 5,670

Art Deco Diamond Bombé Ring
2.90CT in Yellow Gold

£ 7,500

1970s Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ring
2.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 7,700

Victorian Oval Cluster Ring
in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 8,100

Diamond Cluster Ring
1.34CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 10,370

1960s Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ring
in Yellow & White Gold

£ 11,340

1980s Cartier Diamond Ring
2.28CT in Yellow Gold

£ 11,880

Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring
1.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 12,420

Contemporary Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond & Ruby Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 12,745

1960's Day Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ring
4.00CT in Yellow Gold

£ 17,500

1980s Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring
2.00ct in Platinum and Yellow Gold

£ 18,900

Contemporary Cartier Diamond Ring
6.00CT in Yellow Gold

£ 20,200

Diamond Cluster Ring
2.70CT in Yellow and White Gold

£ 20,520

Contemporary Van Cleef & Arpels Floral Ring
4.40CT in Yellow Gold

£ 23,100

Mauboussin Bombé Cocktail Ring
Yellow Gold and Diamonds c.1950s

£ 23,220

Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Ring
0.86CT in Silver & Yellow Gold

£ 19,950

Three Stone Diamond Ring

£ 47,600

Three Stone Diamond Ring

£ 32,000

1980s Bvlgari Diamond Ring
3.72CT in Yellow Gold

£ 38,340

Art Deco Sterlé Coral & Diamond Ring
1.10CT in Yellow Gold

£ 87,450

Cartier Paris Yellow Gold and Diamond Bombe Ring
3.50ct Old Cut Diamond

£ 17,065

Retro Boucheron Diamond and Ruby Ring
1.95CT in Rose Gold

About Antique Diamond Rings

The birthstone for April, diamond rings have a rich and illustrious history with the first engagement example being presented in the 15thcentury.

As a sixth generation family jeweller Pragnell are proud to offer an extensive selection of antique diamonds rings. Our founding principle was ‘our knowledge is your safeguard’, which is still of paramount importance in everything we do today. The Pragnell family travel the world to source the best and rarest examples, with our collection of important Type IIA stones from the Golconda mines in India being unsurpassed.

Catering to all tastes and budgets, we showcase a unique selection of pieces from the most iconic periods of the 19th and 20th centuries. We ensure that rare Georgian rose cut diamond and enamel examples can be experienced alongside intricate old cut diamond Victorian creations. These pieces are perfectly complemented by elaborate Edwardian platinum, sparkling geometric Art Deco, and bold Retro wonders.

Each example is hand selected by a member of the Pragnell family, and assessed by our jeweller to ensure it is ready for its next adventure.

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