The 4 Cs: Diamond Carat

What is a Diamond Carat? The word ‘carat’ comes from the carob seeds that early diamond traders would use when weighing their diamonds. Today, carat refers to a diamond’s weight, with a 1 carat diamond equal to 0.2g.

Diamond carat chart

Sizes are shown for proportionality purposes. Images do not reflect actual carat size.

Is a Higher Carat Weight a Better Diamond?

Carat weight isn’t directly related to size or price: a diamond can be cut deeper or shallower, meaning two one carat stones can have very different proportions, while price is affected by a combination of cut, colour and clarity, along with the carat weight.

Furthermore, certain carat weights – such as one or two carats – are in greater demand, so their price is disproportionately higher than slightly lighter or slightly heavier stones.

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What Size Will My Diamond Be?

A diamond's millimetre measurement tells you its actual size. This is because a diamond of the same carat weight can have slightly different faceting and therefore can look larger than a carat with the same weight equivalent.

If you want a diamond that looks bigger, you could consider getting a different shaped diamond. Shapes like oval, emerald, and pear often appear larger than their round counterparts of the same weight.

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