Viola Collection

Viola Collection

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a sparkling comedic caper that revolves around twins Viola and Sebastian, separated during a shipwreck and eventually reunited after much chaos and confusion. Viola, who for most of the play is in disguise, is likeable and lusted after, but pure in her intentions - to woo Duke Orsino, whom she eventually marries.

Despite its light-hearted tone, the play has hidden depths, exploring themes of gender identity, attraction and the art of theatre itself. Likewise, our Viola ring is immediately appealing, and full of finely crafted details that imbue it with personality and life.

A brilliant-cut or princess-cut diamond is set on a band of platinum or 18ct yellow gold. Scalloped diamond-set shoulders see brilliant-cut pavé diamonds graduate in size, becoming smaller as the band tapers towards the central stone. These diamonds are selected to fit the band, which is itself designed in harmony with the central diamond, creating a beautifully elegant sense of fluidity and balance. The scalloped setting, in which the stones are separated by tiny beads of precious metal, adds a vintage feel to the pretty, feminine design.

Whether set with a round brilliant-cut or square princess-cut diamond, the Viola ring has a relatively low profile thanks to the basket setting, making it a practical choice for more active brides. Four finely finished claws, one in each corner, hold the central stone securely in place, and there can be no mistaking the life and sparkle of the diamond itself.

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