Antique Rings

Our extensive range of expertly selected antique and period rings is as diverse as the historical periods from which many of these pieces originate.
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Our extensive range of expertly selected antique and period rings is as diverse as the historical periods from which many of these pieces originate.
£ 98,000

Van Cleef & Arpels Double Boule Diamond Ring
16.00ct in Platinum

£ 23,100

Mauboussin Bombé Cocktail Ring
Yellow Gold and Diamonds c.1950s

£ 18,700

Edwardian Rattlesnake Ring
Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby

£ 2,640

Victorian Double Headed Serpent Ring
18ct Yellow Gold and Diamond

£ 2,640

Edwardian Double Headed Serpent Ring
0.56CT in White Gold

£ 87,450


Cartier Paris Yellow Gold and Diamond Bombe Ring
3.50ct Old Cut Diamond

£ 5,720

Art Deco Three Stone Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond & Platinum

£ 12,100

Art Deco Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond and Platinum

£ 88,000

Art Deco Boivin Cocktail Ring
Platinum, Diamond and Onyx

£ 3,250

Van Cleef & Arpels Coral and Diamond Philippine Ring
in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 7,250

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.36CT in Platinum

£ 6,500

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.12CT in Platinum

£ 38,500

Retro Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald Ring
10.46ct in 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 27,500

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring
2.00CT in Platinum

£ 8,750

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.34CT in Platinum

£ 4,500

Edwardian Diamond Plaque Ring
in White Gold

£ 10,700

Belle Époque Natural Pearl Ring
3.95CT in Rose & White Gold

£ 12,400

Belle Époque Diamond Target Ring
1.37CT in Platinum & Yellow Gold

£ 4,600

Art Deco Diamond Ring
0.80CT in Platinum

£ 10,500

Retro French Blue Lapis Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 32,500

Colombian Emerald & Diamond Ring
3.19CT in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 19,750

Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring
1.45CT in Platinum

£ 3,950

Art Deco Diamond Bombé Ring
0.51CT in Platinum

£ 13,000

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Plaque Ring
2.68CT in Platinum

£ 37,000

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Ring
5.60CT in Platinum

£ 13,500

Art Deco Sapphire Heart Ring
1.87CT in Platinum

£ 2,850

Present Day Emerald Plaque Ring
0.42CT in White Gold

£ 9,250

Present Day Colombian Emerald Ring
1.60CT in Platinum

£ 21,000

Art Deco Diamond Plaque Ring
1.70CT in Platinum

£ 9,500

Victorian Burmese Ruby Ring
3.30CT in Yellow Gold

£ 17,500

1980s Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring
2.00ct in Platinum and Yellow Gold

£ 1,200

Edwardian Ruby Ring
0.78CT in Yellow Gold

£ 45,000

Art Deco Colombian Cabochon Emerald Ring
5.02CT in Platinum

£ 13,800

Victorian Blue Sapphire Ring
3.19CT in Yellow Gold

£ 8,400

Belle Époque Burmese Ruby Ring
1.11CT in Yellow Gold

£ 4,400

Present Day Tourmaline Ring
15.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 24,000

Art Deco Diamond & Emerald Ring
1.01CT in Platinum

£ 11,250

Retro Diamond Bombé Ring
5.66CT in Platinum

£ 9,500

Edwardian Black Opal Ring
1.80CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 32,000

Present Day Bvlgari Diamond Ring
3.72CT in Yellow Gold

£ 3,300


Contemporary Cartier Ruby & Diamond Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 8,300

Belle Époque Emerald Ring
2.90CT in Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 7,250

Edwardian Red Tourmaline Ring
5.80CT in Yellow Gold

£ 18,900

Diamond Cluster Ring
2.70CT in Yellow and White Gold

£ 99,500

Art Deco Diamond Ring
4.86CT in Platinum

£ 89,500

Art Deco Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
3.76CT in Platinum

£ 23,100

Diamond Solitaire Ring
3.95CT in Platinum

£ 20,215

Diamond Ring
3.10CT in Platinum

£ 75,000

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
5.04CT in Platinum

£ 5,830

Marquise Diamond Ring
1.50CT in Platinum

£ 14,905

Art Deco Brilliant Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring
1.25CT in Platinum

£ 13,545

Three Stone Diamond Ring
2.70CT in White Gold

£ 18,630

Three Stone Diamond Ring

£ 11,880

Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring
1.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 7,500

1970s Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ring
2.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 10,285

Art Deco Diamond Target Ring
1.08CT in Platinum