Antique Ruby Rings

Antique Ruby Rings
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Antique Ruby Rings
£ 8,675

1980s Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring
2.95ct in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 2,450

Victorian Ruby Ring
2.00CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,950

Three Stone Diamond & Ruby Ring
0.45CT in Yellow Gold

£ 12,100

Art Deco Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond and Platinum

£ 21,000

Art Deco Diamond Plaque Ring
1.70CT in Platinum

£ 9,500

Victorian Burmese Ruby Ring
3.30CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,200

Edwardian Ruby Ring
0.78CT in Yellow Gold

£ 8,400

Belle Époque Burmese Ruby Ring
1.11CT in Yellow Gold

£ 10,640

Art Deco Ruby Ring
2.60CT in Platinum

£ 77,760

Victorian Burmese Ruby Ring
2.60CT in Yellow & White Gold

£ 15,660

Edwardian Burmese Ruby Ring
1.13CT in Platinum

£ 1,460

Diamond And Ruby Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 14,850

Victorian Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring
3.70CT in Yellow Gold

£ 15,660

Art Deco Ruby Cluster Ring
1.20CT in Rose Gold

£ 12,420

Contemporary Ruby Ring
1.21CT in Platinum