Ruby Rings

£ 15,200

Five Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring
2.5CT in Rose Gold

£ 45,000

Manhattan Large Ruby & Diamond Ring
17.82CT in Platinum

£ 19,500

Manhattan Classic Ruby & Diamond Ring
8.60CT in Platinum

£ 2,850

Ruby and Diamond Seven-Stone Ring
1.24CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 1,890

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Band Ring
0.92CT in Rose Gold

£ 12,500

Cushion Cut Ruby and Brilliant Diamond
2.15ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,995

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring
1.60CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 1,400

Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring
0.82CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 3,050

Round Brilliant Cut Ruby Ring
0.37CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 8,250

Oval Cut Ruby Ring
1.26CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 2,500

Sundance Ruby Ring
0.54CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 10,800

Cushion Cut Ruby Ring
0.96CT in White Gold

£ 3,650

Entwined Hearts Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring
0.74CT in Rose and White Gold

£ 525

Sundance Ruby Ring
0.20CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 13,500

East African Oval Cut Ruby Ring
2.05CT in Platinum

£ 3,145

Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring
0.50CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 2,890

Octagonal Cut Ruby Ring
0.50CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 1,840

Princess Cut Ruby and Diamond Eternity Ring
0.94CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 5,145

Brilliant Cut Ruby and Diamond Five Stone Ring
1.38CT in Yellow Gold

£ 7,950

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Dress Ring
2.75CT in Rose Gold

£ 8,925

Manhattan Ruby Ring
4.14CT in Platinum

£ 5,515

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Dress Ring
1.50CT in Rose Gold

£ 2,740

Five Stone Trap Cut Ruby and Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
0.94ct in White Gold

£ 5,200

Antrobus Ruby Ring
1.29CT in Platinum

£ 5,700

Tiara Pear Cut Ruby and Brilliant Diamond Ring
1.17ct in Rose Gold

£ 15,500

Brilliant Cut Ruby Ring
1.68CT in Yellow Gold