Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings

£ 1,900

Brilliant Ruby Stud Earrings
0.44CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 8,300

Emerald Cut Ruby Drop Earrings
2.32CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 1,210

Sundance Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings
0.78CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 12,750

Wildflower Dragonfly Ruby Earrings
2.71CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,840

Star Struck Ruby Stud Earrings
0.48CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 2,520

Brilliant Cut Ruby and Diamond Bubble Earrings in White Gold

£ 2,350

Butterfly Ruby Stud Earrings
1.30CT in Rose Gold

£ 8,750

Burmese Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Earrings
2.41CT in Rose Gold

£ 12,750

Pear Shape Ruby Drop Earrings
3.12CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 4,250

Entwined Hearts Ruby and Diamond Stud Earrings
0.64CT in Rose and White Gold

£ 3,800

Brilliant Ruby Stud Earrings
0.87CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 685

Brilliant Cut Ruby Rubover Studs in Rose Gold

£ 13,100

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Half-Hoop Earrings
5.20CT in Rose Gold

£ 5,935

Ruby and Diamond Bubbles Drop Earrings in Rose Gold

£ 3,900

Sundance Ruby Stud Earrings
0.84CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 2,500

Butterfly Ruby Stud Earrings
1.36CT in Yellow Gold