Ruby Necklaces & Pendants

Ruby Necklaces & Pendants
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Ruby Necklaces & Pendants
£ 2,250

Butterfly Ruby Pendant Necklace
0.66CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,350

RockChic Ruby Solitaire Necklace
0.37CT in Rose Gold

£ 4,500

Sundance Ruby and Diamond Necklace
2.07CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 2,750

Sundance Ruby Necklace
0.50CT in 18Ct Yellow Gold

£ 9,550

Pearshape Ruby and Diamond Pendant
2.17CT in Yellow and White Gold

£ 7,550

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Drop Pendant
2.26CT in Rose Gold

£ 2,700

Bubbles Ruby and Diamond Pendant
0.75CT in White Gold

£ 6,150

Brilliant Cut Ruby Pendant
1.23CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 4,600

Emerald Cut Ruby Drop Pendant
1.09CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 1,750

Star Struck Ruby Pendant
0.68CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 4,800

Antrobus Ruby Pendant
1.22CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 2,300

RockStar Ruby Pendant
0.21CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 2,950

Butterfly Ruby Pendant Necklace
1.67CT in Rose Gold

£ 2,950

Butterfly Ruby Pendant Necklace
1.53CT in Yellow Gold

£ 69,000

Masterpiece Burmese Ruby & Diamond Pendant
2.01ct in Platinum

£ 11,450

Pear Cut Ruby and Diamond Pendant
1.71ct in Rose Gold