Antique Emerald Rings

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£ 48,000

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Ring
11.05CT in Platinum

£ 37,000

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Ring
5.60CT in Platinum

£ 6,900

Present Day Emerald & Diamond Ring
0.75CT in Yellow Gold

£ 2,850

Present Day Emerald Plaque Ring
0.42CT in White Gold

£ 9,250

Present Day Colombian Emerald Ring
1.60CT in Platinum

£ 45,000

Art Deco Colombian Cabochon Emerald Ring
5.02CT in Platinum

£ 8,300

Belle Epoque Emerald Ring
2.90CT in Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 11,340

Edwardian Columbian Emerald Ring
1.20CT in Yellow & White Gold

£ 8,910

Art Deco Diamond and Emerald Ring
0.70CT in Platinum