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Antique Bracelets & Bangles

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Only the very finest in traditional jewellery makes it into the Pragnell Antique range, and our selection of bracelets and bangles showcases some of the finest pieces in recent history. Items tell the story of the era in which they were made and the evolution of such pieces is reflected in the changing styles of the jewellery itself. The bracelets and bangles on show in the Pragnell range are as diverse as they are exquisite, so you’ll be sure to find a unique and timeless classic.

The bracelets and bangles at Pragnell feature a range of precious stones and materials that are often a hallmark of the era they were made. Diamonds, gold, coloured stones and pearl bracelets all feature in our selection, and are a reflection of changing fashions . Today, these items provide a classic look, often with a simplistic charming appeal for anyone looking for a unique piece of wrist-wear.