Platinum Necklaces & Pendants

Platinum Necklaces & Pendants
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Platinum Necklaces & Pendants

Natural Pearl Necklace

17.73ct in Platinum

£ 23,000

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Tanzanite Long Necklace

29.50ct in Platinum

£ 99,750

Masterpiece Brilliant Cut Diamond Necklace

7.60ct in Platinum

£ 28,500

Trapeze Cut Emerald Pendant

1.34ct in Platinum

£ 10,450

Masterpiece Burmese Ruby & Diamond Pendant

2.01ct in Platinum

£ 69,000

Spectacle Set Diamond Long Necklace

in Platinum

£ 43,500

Masterpiece Diamond & Keshi Pearl Pendant

8.15ct in Platinum


Contemporary Diamond Set Necklace

with Briolette Diamond Beads

£ 62,000

Masterpiece Heart-shaped Diamond Pendant

4.51ct in Platinum


Brilliant Cut Diamond Necklace

15.45ct in Platinum

£ 57,000

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