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Breitling - Superocean

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The latest in Breitling divers’ watches, the Superocean has a young and sporty look ready to conquer the ocean’s depths with water resistance up to 2,000 m. It is also designed with robust casing, screw-locked crowns and rubber-moulded, unidirectional rotating bezels.

Each watch in the Superocean family is equipped with automatic self-winding movements that are COSC certified, or SuperQuartz movements which now have ten times the accuracy of a standard Quartz movement.

Despite the applications for underwater supremacy, the Breitling Superocean collection of watches also provides elegant style and contemporary design which make them superb timepieces for everyday wear. The range has styles available for both men and women and the designs have a variety of colour options available. The ladies’ range is perfect for day wear and suited to a busy life whilst the men’s range provides style and class for most occasions, whether formal or indeed something more casual.