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The very finest in earrings are available in the Masterpiece collection at Pragnell. If you want to be made to feel like royalty, our Masterpiece collection will provide you with one-off, unique pieces of jewellery that you won’t find anywhere else. As with any item in our Masterpiece collection, all our earrings are built around the stone, which has been selected by a member of the Pragnell family. This means that you will get the benefit of generations of expertise in jewellery making for your personalised earrings.

Our Masterpiece earrings fuse sleek elegance and chic design through traditional craftsmanship to come up with a unique piece of jewellery. You will be sure to stand out with personalised earrings fit for any occasion. Each item is given its own unique reference number which will ensure you remain part of the Pragnell heritage. With a range of stones and styles you’ll find the perfect earrings for you.