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The Skyfall collection is an exquisite demonstration of English craftsmanship. The intertwined lengths of gold have to be made entirely by hand, achieving an exceptionally soft feel and fluidity to the chain. Available in three gauges and three lengths in warm rose or rich yellow gold, this collection is a superb example of a somewhat lost art of goldsmiths’ handmade gold chain. The inspiration for the design evolves from the form of the fastest moving creature on the planet – the diving Peregrine Falcon.

Influenced by the free-flowing flight of this bird of prey, the Skyfall collection is a superb arrangement of materials which boasts quality and sophistication. The versatile arrangement makes this ideal for any occasion and, with heirloom quality assured, this specialist range can be passed through the generations. The handcrafted quality of the items makes the Skyfall range a collection which can be enjoyed time and time again.