Shakespeare's Signet Ring Recreated

To commemorate this 400th anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, Pragnell have handcrafted a historically significant re-edition of Shakespeare’s original 20ct gold signet ring.

It is thought that the famous playwright lost the original ring, prior to amending his will in 1616. It was later discovered in March 1810 in a field next to Holy Trinity Church, the place where Shakespeare’s daughter, Judith, was married in 1616. Today, this treasure is on display at the headquarters of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, as part of the celebrations.Shakespeare's Ring Recreated.

“It’s a positively Shakespearean twist of fate that by losing his ring Shakespeare preserved it for posterity,” said Charlie Pragnell, Managing Director of George Pragnell jewellers.

By careful testing of the original, Pragnell were able to determine the exact composition of the metal to recreate it exactly. The detail on the ring is believed to be the seal of William Shakespeare himself and bears the initials WS intertwined with a lover’s knot.

(Prices range: £1,550 - £3,800)

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