Gifts for her

Gifts for her

Delve into our diverse and original jewellery collections; there is something to suit her, whatever her style.
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Delve into our diverse and original jewellery collections; there is something to suit her, whatever her style.
£ 10,200

Bubbles Diamond Dress Ring
2.19CT in White Gold

£ 12,500

RockChic Peaked Diamond Ring
2.86CT in Rose Gold

£ 7,875

Brilliant Cut Diamond Line Bracelet
4.43CT in 18CT White Gold

£ 4,400

Rainbow Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
7.99CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 61,000

Diamond Drop Legacy Hoop Earrings
7.21CT in Rose Gold & Silver

£ 4,400

Bohemia Three Row Bangle
in Yellow Gold

£ 7,030

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three-Row Ring
1.08CT in Platinum

£ 34,000

Cuba Small Chain Diamond Necklace
10.45CT in White Gold

£ 14,900

Cuba Small Chain Diamond Bracelet
4.28ct in Yellow Gold.

£ 5,200

Cuba Small Chain Bracelet
in Yellow Gold

£ 18,000

Cuba Medium Chain Diamond Bracelet
5.73CT in White Gold

£ 4,500

Havana Chain Necklace
in Yellow Gold

£ 2,300

Havana Chain Bracelet
in Yellow Gold

£ 9,400

Expandable Diamond Bracelet

£ 6,600

Three Row RockChic Ring
1.13CT in Rose, White and Yellow Gold

£ 7,350

RockChic Three Row Ring
1.86CT in Yellow Gold

£ 3,250

RockChic Diamond Expandable Bangle
0.80CT in Yellow Gold

£ 22,500

Pink Topaz Kingdom Ring
5.15CT in Yellow Gold

£ 7,195

Bubbles Fancy Sapphire Half-Hoop Earrings
3.73CT in Rose Gold

£ 3,450

Sundance Diamond Pendant
0.88CT in Rose Gold

£ 39,500

Five Stone Colombian Emerald Kingdom Ring
3.5CT in Yellow Gold

£ 10,500

Retro French Blue Lapis Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 13,500

Trap Cut Aquamarine Jive Ring
9.21CT in White Gold

£ 2,750

Butterfly Ruby Pendant Necklace
1.67CT in Rose Gold

£ 6,300

RockChic Diamond Bangle
2.10CT in White Gold

£ 10,700

Pear Shape Ruby Pendant
2.20CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 1,100

RockChic Diamond Solitaire Earrings
0.40CT in Rose Gold

£ 1,950

RockChic Diamond Hoop Earrings
0.33CT in Rose Gold

£ 26,500

RockChic Diamond Drop Earrings
6.77CT in Platinum

£ 25,500

Manhattan Diamond Ring
2.45CT in Platinum

£ 7,850

Polished Locket Pendant
in Yellow Gold

£ 2,700

Bubbles Diamond Pendant Necklace
0.57CT in White Gold

£ 12,900

RockChic Diamond Three-Row Hoops
3.48CT in White Gold

£ 4,000

Asscher Cut Diamond Nine-Stone Ring
1.08CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 8,150

Windsor Diamond Stud Earrings
1.40CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 3,800

Sundance Diamond Necklace
0.50CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

£ 2,300

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire Line Pendant
4.40CT in Rose Gold

£ 9,000

Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
7.38CT in 18CT Rose Gold

£ 4,900

Retro Sapphire and Ruby Link Bracelet
4.82CT in Yellow Gold

£ 14,500

Cabochon Pink Tourmaline Ring
28.95CT in Yellow Gold