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Delve into our diverse and original jewellery collections; there is something to suit her, whatever her style.
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Delve into our diverse and original jewellery collections; there is something to suit her, whatever her style.

Pragnell Ladies Sunglasses

£ 375

Revival Enamel and Diamond Ring

0.94ct in Yellow Gold

£ 4,500

Brilliant Cut Diamond Line Bracelet

4.42ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 8,450

Rainbow Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

7.39ct in 18ct Rose Gold

£ 4,700

Three Row RockChic Ring

1.80ct in Rose, White and Yellow Gold

£ 7,550

Seven Stone Diamond Ring

2.10ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,580

1980s Bvlgari Diamond Ring

3.72ct in Yellow Gold

£ 32,000

RockChic Peaked Diamond Ring

1.46ct in Rose Gold

£ 4,550

Bubbles Diamond Dress Ring

2.22ct in Rose Gold

£ 10,900

French Blue & Yellow Sapphire Ring

5.50ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,315

Retro Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald Ring

10.46ct in 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 38,500

Emerald and Diamond Seven-Stone Ring

1.03ct in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 3,400

Aquamarine Kingdom Ring

4.69ct in Platinum

£ 7,250

Kingdom Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

0.98ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,500

Snowstorm Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

4.85ct in Yellow & White Gold

£ 12,500

Havana Necklace

in Yellow Gold

£ 5,900

Retro Van Cleef & Arpels Diamond Ear Studs

6.20ct in Platinum

£ 26,460

Van Cleef and Arpels Diamond Ear Clips

in Yellow Gold

£ 18,900

RockChic Inverted Princess Cut Diamond Drop Earrings

in Rose Gold

£ 5,100

Manhattan Classic Huggie Earrings

2.60ct in Rose Gold

£ 16,900

Diamond Drop Hoop Earrings

7.21ct in Rose Gold & Silver

£ 65,000

Emerald Cut Ruby Drop Earrings

2.42ct in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 8,900

Akoya Pearl Earrings

in 18ct White Gold 7 - 7.5mm

£ 250

Star Struck Diamond Pendant

0.48ct in 18ct Rose Gold

£ 2,200

RockChic Diamond Solitaire Necklace

0.40ct in Rose Gold

£ 1,650

Sundance Diamond Pendant

0.84ct in Rose Gold

£ 3,700

Legacy Old Cut Diamond Pendant

0.62ct in Rose & White Gold

£ 3,800

Manhattan Classic Row Diamond Pendant

1.30ct in Rose Gold

£ 8,750

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire and Diamond Two-Row Necklace

14.24ct in Rose Gold

£ 7,450

Masterpiece Sapphire Pendant

14.00ct in 18ct White and Rose Gold

£ 48,000

Masterpiece Burmese Ruby & Diamond Pendant

2.01ct in Platinum

£ 69,000

Masterpiece Aquamarine Pendant

36.90ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 62,000

Bvlgari Curb Necklacet

Coin Set Pendant in18ct Yellow Gold

£ 12,900

Revival Enamel and Diamond Bangle

0.30ct in Yellow Gold

£ 7,200

Expandable Diamond Bangle

4.21ct in Yellow Gold

£ 10,050

RockChic Emerald Solitaire Necklace

0.36ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,350

Edwardian French Sapphire Coin Bangle

0.72ct in Yellow Gold

£ 6,100

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