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Pragnell After Sales Service

Many of our customers choose Pragnell to help celebrate every one of life’s milestones. This is not only down to the quality of our jewels, but also our exceptional service, which does not end in the showroom. From complimentary cleaning to regular re-tipping, we help ensure your jewels last a lifetime.

Ring Resizing

When choosing an engagement ring, one of the most common questions is, "how will I know her size?". While there are ways you can find out – or at least get as close as possible – there is no need to panic if it is not the perfect fit.

Pragnell offers 1 complimentary ring resizing for all new engagement rings, and because it is unlikely that one size will fit for the rest of her life, we are happy to resize a ring as many times as necessary. We are especially delighted to resize a Pragnell ring when it is passed to the next generation, because our jewellery is designed to last for more than a lifetime.

When resizing rings, we use state-of-the-art lasers combined with traditional goldsmithing techniques to ensure that there is no trace of the repair.


Complimentary Cleaning

Clean diamonds are happy diamonds, but an engagement ring is designed to be worn every day, so it is only natural that a build up of dust and dirt will occur. Pragnell offers complimentary cleaning for all of our engagement rings, for life.

Just pop into our showroom and we will use state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners to lift away dirt, grime and oil while you wait. We recommend having your ring cleaned once a year, but are happy to clean it as often as you would like, free of charge.

While cleaning, we will also check the claws and settings, and advise you if any re-tipping or repair work is necessary to keep your ring looking its brilliant best.

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Claw Re-tipping

Over time, the claws that secure a diamond in place can wear down, leading to a greater danger of the stone coming loose.

Re-tipping involves building up the claws to ensure that the diamond is held securely in place. By performing this work underneath a microscope, our skilled team of craftspeople can check that your ring is in pristine condition and minimise the chance of the stone coming loose. Just pop into the showroom and we will carry out the re-tipping in-house.


Home Maintenance

There are simple things you can do to care for your engagement ring and keep it looking its best. As well as having it returned to Pragnell for an ultrasonic clean and check once a year, we recommend that you clean it at home using warm soapy water.

Simply fill a bowl with warm water and washing up liquid, and use a soft old toothbrush to gently rub the back, front and side. Diamond is the strongest and most durable gemstone, but it can be scratched by another diamond, so take care not to store your ring alongside other pieces of diamond jewellery when you are not wearing it.

You wear your engagement ring every day, so some level of wear and tear is to be expected. By carrying out some simple home maintenance, you can ensure it will last a lifetime.