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Pragnell After Sales Service

At Pragnell we want you to be able to wear your engagement ring day in and day out. However, like all of us, it sometimes needs some TLC. Here are a few tips to keep that sparkle in your engagement ring.

Ring resizing

After that wonderful ‘Yes’ moment, it is our delight to invite you and your fiancé back for a complimentary ring resizing to make sure that your engagement ring is a perfect fit. It should sit comfortably on your finger, but be loose enough that you do not have to use hand cream or soap to get it off. Please do bear in mind that your fingers can fluctuate in size, depending on the time of day or the weather conditions.

Complimentary cleaning

With all of the products coming into contact with our hands as part of general day-to-day life, we recommend that you bring your ring in once a year for a full clean. Our jewellery specialist will give your ring a detailed inspection to make sure it is in top condition.

Claw re-tipping

Re-tipping is simply building up the claws on your piece to ensure that stones are secure and to improve the overall look of the ring. Your ring may need to be re-tipped if it has had a bad knock or if the setting is slightly worn.

Home maintenance

Even a diamond can be chipped or scratched if hit with enough force or at the right angle, so if you ever take your engagement ring off, we recommend that you keep it stored individually. When carrying out your daily routine, like going to the gym or doing those dreaded house chores, it may be best to remove your engagement ring.

You do not necessarily need us to give your ring a touch up. If you are going out for a special occasion, you might want to give your ring a clean to bring the fire back into the diamond. Using a soft toothbrush and a bowl of soapy water can give you that little lift for the event. However, if you are in any doubt, please do come into the showroom and our jewellery specialist will clean your ring for you.