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Yellow Diamond

Over the last few years yellow diamonds have become a hot topic in the jewellery industry. The increase in the popularity of yellow diamonds has been caused by several factors. Celebrities have been adopting yellow diamonds as the newest diamond trend, they are also incredibly rare. Only about one in every 16,500 carats mined is graded as a fancy vivid yellow diamond.

As many people know, the GIA diamond colour grading scale goes from D down to Z. When you get further down the colour scale towards Z the diamond takes on a slight yellowish tone. If you continue on down the grading scale the colour stops looking faded and starts to look intense. Paler yellows, such as canary yellow, are more common but are not as desirable as their darker counterparts. Intense fancy yellow diamonds are the most rare and valuable of the yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds are coloured because of the impurities that are trapped inside the diamonds when they are formed. When we see colour it is because the object we are looking at reflected a specific wavelength of the light spectrum. A good example of this is a yellow flower. The flower absorbs all of the light except the yellow light, which is reflected by the yellow flower.

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