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The Patek Philippe Exhibition 2014

In the year of our Diamond Anniversary, Pragnell requests the pleasure  of your company at an exhibition, at 5-6 Wood Street, of the 2014 Patek Philippe collection, as well as some very special diamond set watches.

The Patek Philippe Exhibition 2014The exhibition runs from Tuesday 3rd June through to Sunday 8th June. We will be open specially on Sunday 8th June to give as many people as possible the opportunity to view these exquisite timepieces.
"Patek Philippe combines the latest technology with a proficiency in watchmaking that has been passed down through the generations," says Managing Director Charlie Pragnell. "We are thrilled to be hosting our own Patek Philippe Diamond Anniversary Exhibition in the showroom in Stratford. The first Patek Philippe exhibition my father visited sparked in him a lifelong passion, excitement and admiration of Patek Philippe, which I am fortunate to have inherited. I hope our exhibition has the same effect on all who come to see it."

View the Patek Philippe collection