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Foxes for the Foxes

It all happened in April 2014 for Leicester City Football Club who, after a 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday (combined with losses by Queens Park Rangers and Derby County), allowed Leicester City to clinch a promotion to the Premier League after a 10 year absence. Then on 22 April 2014, a 1-0 victory over Bolton Wanderers FC saw 'The Foxes' become the champions of the 2013-2014 Football League Championship.

To commemorate this fantastic double the design team in the workshop, more familiar with making unique brooches for discerning customers, sketched out an idea of making commemorative lapel pins for the players and coaches.

Modelled in sterling silver with Blue sapphire eyes (to match the strip) and engraved on the back "Champions 2013-2014". These beautifully crafted lapel pins were made here in our Tarratt Leicester Workshop and were presented to the team in 2014.

The Red Fox is the symbol of the Leicestershire County council, Cricket club and Leicestershire Scouts - in addition to the Football Club of course. The history of the Leicestershire fox goes back centuries with fox hunting believed to have started in this county.

Over 60 years ago, an image of a fox was first incorporated into the club crest in 1948.

Originally Leicester City, was called "Leicester Fosse", so named for their 1884 foundation on the Fosse Road, playing on a field by side of the Fosse Road. It was no great mental leap for the old Fosse's to become The Foxes. Nowadays the club mascot is a character called "Filbert Fox", there are also secondary characters "Vickie Vixen" and "Cousin Dennis".

Serving the Counties of Leicestershire and Rutland, TARRATT are pleased to celebrate this outstanding achievement and wish 'THE FOXES' all the best for the coming season in the Premier League.