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Always thinking

Since relocating to our current Leicester location in 2006 - travelling the enormous distance from next door! - we have always been thinking about how we could serve our customers better. Offering a memorable, exciting and enjoyable experience while acquiring an item that you will enjoy forever.

In 2009 we added a discrete 'Rolex' area to give us a better platform on which to work with this iconic brand. The corner area provides an intimate and comfortable environment for guests to peruse our extensive collection of these Fine Swiss timepieces, over a chilled glass of champagne of course.

2014 was a year of expansion and development for the business, coming off the back of our particularly exciting Centenary Celebrations in 2013.

The show room floor plan was completely redesigned by our Creative Director, David Watt.

David's goal was to maximise the space to better serve both the business and the customer.

A major part of this redesign was to better showcase our award winning workshop, that was partially hidden behind high showcases at the rear of the shop floor. David's inspired design produced more floor space, better jewellery display cases, a more 'open plan' view of the Workshop and it gave us the opportunity to add a small piece of Switzerland here in the TARRATT show room.

Working in conjunction with Patek Philippe, the number one family watch house in the world, David created a bespoke area for us to offer these uniquely produced and finished watches in an area that replicates the very essence of Patek Philippe Geneva. This smart, bright and comfortable area, featuring Rose wood and Maple contrasted against anodised bronze feels 'just right'.

David used the same, state of the art, Computer Aided Design (CAD) program he uses to design the bespoke jewellery that the TARRATT workshop used to produce the show room restyle.

The end result demonstrating that a flair for the aesthetic and a fastidious attention to detail is essential when designing on any scale!

Come see the end result at our Market Street location here in the Heart of Leicester, where the business has been trading since 1913.