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Perfect Proportions of a Grand Classic: GRAND LANGE 1

With altered dimensions and a new inner life, the GRAND LANGE 1 exhibits true grandeur. A new movement developed entirely from scratch makes it possible to transpose the subtly balanced dial layout of the LANGE 1 to its larger sibling and at the same time to slim down the silhouette. 

Perfect Proportions of a Grand Classic: GRAND LANGE 1Since it premiered in 1994, the LANGE 1 has been the icon of A. Lange & Söhne. With its particular combination of traditional elements that are unique to Saxony's watchmaking heritage - including the three-quarter plate, screwed gold chatons or the screw balance - as well as groundbreaking innovations such as the off-centre dial design and the ingenious Lange outsize date, it earned global acclaim. The LANGE 1 soon became a multiple award winner in the realm of high end mechanical timepieces and wrote horological history in its own right. Additionally, it stands for the competence of Lange's master watchmakers and symbolises their untiring quest for the perfect watch. Eighteen years after its debut, the LANGE 1 is not only the strong foundation of a successful watch family, it is also a benchmark for many of the manufactory's other developments. 

This applies all the more to a debut within its own family, as is the case with the GRAND LANGE 1. It manifests clearly rebalanced proportions and an inner life meticulously crafted to match them. With a deliberate rearrangement of watch components, the totally new, manually wound calibre L095.1 made it possible to transpose the graceful dial architecture of the LANGE 1 to the perceptibly larger model. The hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the outsize date and power-reserve indication, are configured on the solid-silver dial without any overlap points. To faithfully preserve the harmonious proportions down to the last detail, the Lange outsize date was also enlarged by the same factor as the dial itself. 

Furthermore, the larger movement diameter made it feasible to arrange more parts on one level. The result is a movement height of merely 4.7 millimetres. The impressive 72-hour power reserve was achieved in a space-saving manner with only one mainspring barrel. 

This had a positive impact on the dimensions of the yellow-gold, pink-gold and platinum cases. With a diameter of 40.9 millimetres, they are only 8.8 millimetres high, a very elegant ratio of width to height.

The Grand Lange 1 is available in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct pink gold or platinum on a hand stitched crocodile leather strap.

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