Dress-watch - the modern definition by Charlie Pragnell

Dress-watch - the modern definition by Charlie Pragnell

My understanding of the term 'dress watch' refers to mechanical strap watches either manual or automatic wound which tend to be worn with long shirt sleeves and often a jacket.

Dress-watch - the modern definition by Charlie PragnellDress watches primarily have more refined features and in most cases thinner movements than their sporting counterparts.

The three dress watches that currently spring to mind from the Pragnell stable are the Patek Philippe 5205R in rose gold with an ivory dial, the case and dial of which is a superb example of contemporary design encompassing the very finest of annual calendar movements.

Secondly the A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia, sculptured from 18ct white gold, a fine example of master craftsmanship displaying the sleek, elegant silhouette of the case.

Finally the new Rolex Cellini Date in 18ct Everose gold with matching buckle designed with true elegance and luxury, a classic style with a contemporary celebration of perfection.

Dress watches tend to be made in precious metals and hence are bought for momentous occasions in people's lives, for example a big birthday, anniversary or to mark a moment of achievement.

Whereas a sports watch is more affordable with many of our customers owning a number of these and updating or exchanging their collection more frequently.

The obvious benefit of a pre-owned watch is the price which is often less expensive than a new one.  However the key factors to consider if buying one is to be able to trace the history right back to the manufacturer, it has a complete service history, it has been maintained by a authorised watch maker and it carries an guarantee.

Are there particular brands that retain their value? Any high quality mechanical movement watches from well known Swiss watch houses retain good value over the medium to long term.  However, the extent of this does vary with the particular brand and model of watch involved.

What would I consider to be a good buy? - A good buy is a watch that makes the wearer feel good.

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