Sapphire Necklaces & Pendants

Sapphire Necklaces & Pendants
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Sapphire Necklaces & Pendants

Butterfly Blue Sapphire Pendant

0.66ct in White Gold

£ 1,690

RockStar Pink Sapphire Pendant

0.23ct in Rose Gold

£ 1,730

RockStar Orange Sapphire Pendant

0.19ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,730

Sundance Multi-Coloured Sapphire Necklace

0.91ct in Rose Gold

£ 2,000

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire and Diamond Two-Row Necklace

27.28ct in Rose Gold

£ 12,300

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire Three-Stone Pendant

2.83ct in Rose Gold

£ 2,900

Butterfly Blue Sapphire Pendant Necklace

1.65ct in White Gold

£ 2,210

RockStar Purple Sapphire Pendant

0.20ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,610

RockStar Sapphire Pendant

0.21ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 1,730

RockStar Yellow Sapphire Pendant

0.27ct in Yellow Gold

£ 1,730

Masterpiece Pear Cut Burmese Pink Sapphire Pendant

5.30ct in White Gold

£ 72,000

Masterpiece Sapphire Pendant

14.00ct in 18ct White and Rose Gold

£ 48,000

RockChic Pink Sapphire Solitaire Necklace

0.39ct in Rose Gold

£ 1,350

RockChic Sapphire Solitaire Necklace

0.32ct in White Gold

£ 1,350

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire and Diamond Two-Row Necklace

14.24ct in Rose Gold

£ 7,450

Star Struck Sapphire Pendant

0.61ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 1,750

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire Line Pendant

4.37ct in Rose Gold

£ 2,300

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire Line Pendant

1.36ct in Rose Gold

£ 1,550

Emerald Cut Pink Sapphire Drop Pendant

1.19ct in 18ct Rose Gold

£ 2,550

Emerald Cut Sapphire Drop Pendant

1.53ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 5,100

Antrobus Sapphire Pendant

1.34ct in 18ct White Gold

£ 4,800

Rainbow Fancy Sapphire Pendant

3.36ct in Rose Gold

£ 2,650

Bubble Sapphire Pendant

in Rose Gold

£ 6,500

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