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At Pragnell, it all starts with the stone. Our Masterpieces showcase not only our artistry, but also our dedication to sourcing the exceptional. An art in itself, choosing a gemstone is more than just the years of experience and accrued knowledge. It also involves passion, intuition and instinct. Beyond the tangible technical certification, we look for the indefinable; the stone’s story and unique character that sets it apart - where it’s from, where and how it was mined and how these factors might affect future value.

A gemstone is a miracle of nature and the inspiration for our creations. Each Masterpiece is designed around incredible gemstones. Whether it be the intense and unusual depth of colour found in pink or blue diamonds, or the geographical anomalies that produced such stones as our Lightning Ridge Opals, each gem selection is at the heart of our design process. Only when we have created something extraordinary from something exceptional can it be called a Masterpiece.

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