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Some of the most magnificent pendants at Pragnell can be found in our Antique range. Pendants from a variety of eras provide sophisticated, classy and indeed eye-catching looks to complement a range of styles for any woman. Take time to look through some of these vintage styles where you’ll be sure to find something that takes your breath away. The Antique pendant range offers luxurious pieces that are timeless in their nature.

Whether you are looking for a sparkling centrepiece or a subtle and charming focal point our pendants fuse together a variety of styles. Cherished items made from diamond, coloured stone and pearls make up our pendant selection all from days gone by. Fashionable styles available span eras including Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian, through to the mid-twentieth century. For an adorable classic centrepiece feature, take some time to look through the wonderful range of pendants available in our showroom.