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Paraiba Tourmaline

The Mina  Batalha, found in the Brazilian state of Paraiba, hosts one of the most electrifying and exciting gemstones that nature provides. Named after the region from where they are found, the Paraiba tourmaline is a truly unique gemstone, the colour of which cannot be found anywhere else. The exclusiveness of this rare gemstone makes it a true treasure.

The vividness of the stone is only discovered once it has been cut, displaying a fire and an intense glow even under low light. It is unusual to find a Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline in sizes over two carats. Pragnell use only the vibrant blue green variety of Paraiba tourmaline in our jewellery.

It is the philosophy of Pragnell to deal with such a rare gemstone. As such, we understand the need to set the stone in a style that enhances it. A combination of our knowledgeable gemstone buyers and artisan craftsmen ensure that the philosophy is protected.

It is recommended that all tourmaline pieces of jewellery are protected to reduce the chance of damaging the stone. These pieces should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine, rather, use soapy water and a brush.

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