Nature’s Rare Jewels

“True jewellery permanently embodies unique emotions and memories.
These are nature’s rare jewels.” - Charlie Pragnell

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Rare Jewels

Wonders of the Natural World

Nature’s Rare Jewels

Gemstones. Treasured throughout the ages as talismans, signifiers of status, stores of wealth – God’s currency, as some might say – and objects of desire, there is something almost primal about our fascination with them. Formed naturally beneath the surface of the Earth millions of years ago, each is a unique treasure with its own class of beauty, from the deep red of a Burmese ruby to the lively sparkle of a perfect Type IIa diamond.


Masterpiece Trap Cut No Oil Colombian Emerald Ring
4.84CT in 18ct Yellow Gold


Masterpiece Fancy Intense Blue-Green Diamond Ring
0.50ct in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold

Style Never Stands Still

Life’s Rare Jewels

A jewellery collection is not just an assemblance of beautiful possessions. It is the storybook of our lives that grows and changes as we do. Jewels mark milestone moments, reflect our personalities, and our most treasured pieces can become synonymous with us in the eyes of our loved ones. Building a legacy through jewels is best done with special pieces that are a true expression of who we are, be that a personalised jewel or a daring right-hand ring.


Snowstorm Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring
6.79ct in Yellow & White Gold


Manhattan Five Row Aquamarine Dress Ring
4.75ct in Platinum

Timeless Treasures

Classic Rare Jewels

Sometimes, it is the simplest things in life that bring us the most pleasure. The jewellery equivalent are those evergreen styles that continue to enchant us throughout the decades – or even centuries. Classic diamond studs, enduring eternity rings, serenely stylish tennis bracelets. When investing in a forever jewel, it is always advisable to buy well and to seek out the best possible stones and exquisite craftmanship that will ensure your timeless treasure will last.


Heart Shaped Diamond Full Eternity Ring
6.90ct in Platinum


Windsor Diamond Stud Earrings
0.46CT in 18CT Yellow Gold

Decades of Decadence

History’s Rare Jewels

To truly appreciate jewellery, you must first understand its history. It is one that is rich with adventure, innovation, sentiment and artistry. Once you delve into this world, it is hard not to fall under the spell of authentic vintage and antique jewellery. These unique jewels offer an intoxicating cocktail of delights, from the thrill of connecting with the past to the satisfaction of securing a signed jewel from a legendary house that will never again be repeated.


Cartier Paris Yellow Gold and Diamond Bombe Ring
3.50ct Old Cut Diamond


Carlo & Arthur Giuliano Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Enamel Pendant

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