Building a legacy in Lukusuzi


Source & Origin

Over 2 years of development, we are proud to announce the launch of our Lukusuzi aquamarine collection.

Near the Lukusuzi game reserve in eastern Zambia, a small community of artisanal miners dig in the earth that was once beds of flowing rivers, long since disappeared. Their prize is aquamarine, a blue gemstone so pure it is as though nature has preserved the lost water in precious droplets.

Unique Designs

The Lukuzuzi Collection includes three striking cocktail rings exhibiting the very highest-quality aquamarines, and one spectacular necklace that bears a 44.7-carat emerald cut Aquamarine set in yellow gold.

This brilliantly azure stone is the largest Lukusuzi aquamarine in our possession to date, and its untreated colour is the same as when it was first lifted by hand from the Zambian soil. Truly, a paragon of nature.


Lukusuzi Aquamarine Collection

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