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Tarratt has joined the Pragnell family Jewellery company

Welcome to the Pragnell website where you can browse our complete offering across the company including handcrafted jewellery, fine Swiss watches and a full range of jewellery and watch services.

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Shipping & Delivery

We offer insured worldwide shipping on the items we sell. Some areas of the world are more difficult to ship to than others, in the sense that some couriers are not prepared to guarantee their services to certain destinations. Armoured couriers are usually available but can be very costly.

Although we complete all export paperwork required for items leaving the UK we cannot be held responsible for any taxes or duties imposed by the destination country. Even though it is technically possible to ship everything we sell, in some cases it is not advisable. Antique skeleton clocks with glass domes are risky to ship. However well packed the clock is, the chance of the dome being broken is high; having a replacement glass dome blown is expensive. Most modern clocks come with a specific shipping case which makes things simpler. Another item which requires more care when shipping is a barometer. Apart from problems with calibration related to shipping, barometers usually contain mercury. We would have to drain the mercury before shipping – it would then be the customer’s responsibility to have the item refilled and recalibrated at the destination end.

Please get in touch to discuss your shipping requirements.


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