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Breitling - Navitimer

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Created in 1952, an instrument for the wrist specially designed for pilots. Equipped with a slide rule, the Navitimer serves to calculate equations linked to aviation including average speed, distance, consumption of fuel and converting miles into kilometres. Accurate, efficient and in production for sixty years, which gives it the title of the world's oldest mechanical chronograph still being made today. A real legend of twentieth-century watchmaking.

This fascinating range of Breitling Navitimer watches is housed in our extensive collection at George Pragnell. Suitable for the most refined of horological tastes, Navitimer is a stunning, versatile and practical range of timepieces. With diverse options for both dial colour and strap including stainless steel and high-quality leather, the very best of Breitling is available in this range. The intricate detail which is synonymous with the Breitling brand is a hallmark of the Navitimer range.