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Tarratt has joined the Pragnell family Jewellery company

Welcome to the Pragnell website where you can browse our complete offering across the company including handcrafted jewellery, fine Swiss watches and a full range of jewellery and watch services.

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Masterpiece Brooches

The perfect brooch can provide an ideal finishing touch to a look of sheer elegance and grace. Pinned to the clothing, a quality brooch highlights the exceptional eye for detail of the wearer. If you display an eye for the very finest of details then explore the brooches in the famous Pragnell Masterpiece collection. Our meticulous designs contain stones hand-picked by the Pragnell family. These stones are accommodated by master craftsmen who build the frame around the rock itself. A brooch from the Pragnell Masterpiece collection can be made for the subtle quality of formal daywear, or to create a stunning final touch for a lady’s evening wear.

Often themed, our brooches are a testament to the innovation and creativity found only in the Pragnell workshops. If you require a unique item made from ethically sourced materials and delivered with the Pragnell stamp of quality then delve into the Masterpiece collection.