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Astrophysicists have recently discovered stars many light years away made entirely of diamond. This discovery has been the inspiration behind this collection. The connection between stars and diamonds is not a new concept: throughout history it has been believed that diamonds come from the stars and as such they were attributed with mystical properties. It is such powers, existing even beyond our world, that give diamonds the ability to enchant and to provoke our imagination.

The Rockstar collection from Pragnell has evolved to create stars of its own. As the perfect standout collection, Rockstar is ideal for anyone looking to be the star of the show. The exquisite diamonds fit perfectly with the precious metals wrapped around them, ensuring a majestic and glittering appearance. The wearer will shine all night long with this stunning collection of jewellery. For a truly one-in-a-million look speak to our team of advisers about the mesmerising Rockstar collection.