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Pragnell - Carnival


The fine deep purple and mint green of amethyst, the sumptuous raspberry reds of tourmaline and the depths of smokey quartz are a seductive combination. Handmade by expert craftsmen, the metals are intensely buffed and polished to create the very smoothest and cleanest of curvaceous surfaces in these sleek and expressive contemporary designs. The highly reflective lustre and the high definition texture of gold provide a dramatic setting for dramatic gemstones.

For a truly energetic and lively collection of jewellery, you need look no further than Carnival. The striking arrangement of colours creates a passionate collection, which is versatile for a wide range of occasions. Reminiscent of the diverse array of colours so uniquely found at the carnival, this range is exciting, fun and stunning at the same time; you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. For a genuinely standout range take a look at the Carnival collection.