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Portia Collection

Quick-witted heiress Portia is one of the most well-rounded and interesting Shakespearean heroines. In The Merchant of Venice, she is bound by her father’s will to marry whichever suitor chooses the correct of three caskets. Having fallen in love with the Venetian soldier and scholar Bassanio, she manages to save the life of his friend Antonio in court by disguising herself as a lawyer and using a legal loophole to see him acquitted.

As well as being, according to Bassanio, ‘more beautiful than the world itself’, Portia is incredibly intelligent and astute. Her attention to the technicalities of the law is reflected in our Portia ring, which is meticulously designed and crafted, down to the tiniest detail.

A central round-brilliant, emerald-cut or pear-shaped diamond is flanked by two tapered baguette-cut stones. We have drawn on the expertise of our skilled craftspeople to ensure the perfect flow between the central diamond and the baguette-cut sides, which are cut specifically to fit each ring.

It is the minute details that make the Portia ring so well-balanced: the tapered baguettes are set touching the girdle of the stone, so there is no gap between the diamonds when viewed from above. They sit flush with the shank of the ring, neither too high nor too low, and the band itself is tapered in line with the shape of the custom-cut side stones, creating a beautiful flowing silhouette.

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