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Olivia Collection

Beautiful, wealthy Olivia is the most desired woman in Illyria. The noble-born protagonist of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, she spends the first half of the play dismissing the various gentlemen that try to woo her, before falling for the page of one of her rejected suitors: she will only settle for true love.

Olivia’s discerning nature-inspired one of our most precisely crafted engagement rings. In the Olivia ring, a central brilliant-cut or Asscher-cut diamond is flanked by rows of French-cut diamonds. Popular in the 1920s and 1930s among prestigious Parisian houses, French-cut diamonds have star-shaped facets which lend them a distinctive look, quite unlike other squares or step-cut stones.

We were inspired to use French-cut diamonds after admiring their Art Deco feel in vintage jewellery. They are rarely seen in modern jewellery because they must be custom-cut to fit their setting: a time-consuming and laborious process.

For the Olivia ring, we work closely with our experienced diamond cutters to produce French-cut diamonds in various sizes to suit different sized central stones. These diamonds are securely channel-set in a platinum band that is specifically designed and handcrafted to fit the stones.

One of our most exclusive engagement ring designs, the Olivia is perfect for the bride who appreciates the finer details and wants a sophisticated ring with an Art Deco feel. Because each ring is designed and made around the individual diamonds, no two are the same, but each one is handcrafted to standards which would please even noblewomen like Shakespeare’s Olivia.

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