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Juliet Collection

Picture a Shakespearean heroine, and ‘Juliet’ is the first name that springs to mind. The only daughter of the house of Capulet, her romance with Romeo Montagu is the most famous love story in history. The character of Juliet pre-dates Shakespeare himself: The Bard’s play was adapted from Arthur Brooke’s 16th-century poem. It is fitting that she lends her name to our most timeless, eternally classic engagement ring: the solitaire.

Pragnell’s designers and master craftsmen have called upon decades of experience to create the ultimate solitaire ring, in which every detail is carefully considered and refined to best showcase the beauty and brilliance of the diamond.

The band of the ring is elegantly tapered in order to draw the eye towards the central stone, which is elevated in a raised setting. This visual trick also makes the diamond appear larger. The claws are finished as finely as possible, so minimal metal is seen: it is all about the diamond, which has been hand-selected by one of our expert gemmologists for its exceptional beauty.

Carefully crafted around each individual diamond, the Juliet ring is designed so that a matching wedding ring can fit beside it in perfect harmony.

Available in platinum or 18ct yellow gold for brilliant-cut, pear-cut, princess, marquise or emerald-cut diamonds, the Juliet ring is for the classic romantic who wants a traditional, elegant engagement ring that – like the Bard’s most celebrated love story – will never date.

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